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Health Care Professional Consulting Services consultants strive to provide the best in industry knowledge based training, support, monitoring and compliance support to meet the demands of the ever changing financial regulations. HCPCS consultants provide comprehensive training and support services on subjects such as the Deficit Reduction Act and other new provisions of HIPAA, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act including False Claims. Subject Matter Experts are available to train and assist with the refinement of monitoring practices, matrix tracking tools, key control changes, business process re-engineering and financial system implementation that meet the requirements of these regulations.


With ever changing billing or other requirements such as Managed Medicaid, Bundled Programs, ACO Model, PBJ Reporting, and Electronic Claim Submission to name a few facing the health care industry in the near future, HCPCS consultants work with organizations to assist with compliance of these billing requirements and maintain positive collection results.

HCPCS, Inc. understands that implementing and verifying practices to ensure National Uniform Billing Guidelines, Federal and State billing regulations within an organization has a positive impact on the Revenue Cycle and mitigates risk.  Our team has the information and expertise to help your organization implement practices and solutions that will allow for smooth processes in order to maintain necessary compliance and incorporate ongoing changes into your daily operations.

Is your organization compliant with all of these new regulations?   The HCPCS team can provide you with the knowledge and implement proven systems necessary to meet these new regulations and maintain strong financial performance.

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